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No power source is needed for the MICROVISOR® to work. It captures and directs the grease and odors to the exhaust from your current microwave over the range.

The MICROVISOR® mini hood installation was designed to be installed easily by one person with just a screw driver in less than three minutes. See the installation video.

The MICROVISOR® mini hood is 29-7/8" wide, 1" high at the front and 1-1/2" high at the back of the mini hood. It is 8-1/2" deep (front to back) and when inserted into its bracket, and projects forward of the microwave 6-1/2"

Not currently, it can only be purchased through www.microvisorhood.com

Yes, the MICROVISOR® mini hood can be used with all models of microwaves over the range. Installing our 5/8" nylon spacers in conjunction with the mounting bracket solves that problem. They can be purchased from our website in the shopping cart.

Purchase the 5/8" Spacer Kit - For use with microwaves that have a door with a curved bottom, and or any microwave with an irregular bottom panel that projects below the bottom of the microwave oven.

If you need a spacer kit for the Samsung model ME18H704SFS or any Samsung MOR that has a center slide in/out grease filter, select the Samsung Microwave 1" Spacer Kit-1-0SK . This is intended for use with the MICROVISOR® Hood to attach to Samsung microwaves that have a center pull out grease filter. Purchase the Samsung Microwave 1" Spacer Kit-1-0SK

No, the MICROVISOR® mini hood is removable for easy storage, and cleanup, or you can leave it installed and have it accent your microwave over the range like many of our customers do.

We have developed a retractable model which is also patented and we will add it to our product line in the future.

Of course not, we have three colors, Stainless, Black or White.

I'm not sure how to install it?

The installation is simple and only takes a few minutes if you follow the instructions in the package. We have installation videos on our website, and they are also posted on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook as well. Click here to view the installation video.

Unfortunately not, since our MICROVISOR® mini hoods are pre-boxed individually with safety foam for shipping and can not be doubled up.

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