About MICROVISOR® Removable Mini Hood System

MICROVISOR® Removable Microwave Range Mini Hood System

Without Microvisor Mini Hood System

MICROVISOR® is a removable mini hood system designed to attach to a "microwave over the range" and improve the exhaust function of the microwave. It was developed by an accomplished chef from New Jersey.

The design and intended use of the “microwave over the range” was to utilize cabinet space by incorporating an exhaust system/secondary heating source.  The microwave over the range is normally about 15” deep, and all cook-tops and ranges are 26” deep.   It is virtually impossible for an existing OTR microwave to effectively exhaust the fumes from cooking on the front burners based on current designs.

The MICROVISOR® removable mini hood system installs quickly with patented bracket and use of our screws.  Once inserted into the bracket it projects forward of the microwave oven by 6 1/2″.  With patented ″C″ clip design that attaches in less than five minutes, the MICROVISOR® removable mini hood is simply inserted into the bracket and removed by simply pulling it out.

The MICROVISOR® removable mini hood system prevents the smoke, grease and odors from accumulating on the furniture and cabinets. The MICROVISOR® Mini Hood is removable, easy to store and no electrical components are necessary.

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