Why Use The MICROVISOR® Removable Kitchen Range Hood?

MICROVISOR® Removable Mini Hood Makes Cooking In Your Kitchen Better

How Microvisor WorksUp to 70 % of the fumes escape while cooking on the front burners of a range or cook top when using a “microwave over the range” exhaust system.  This is caused by the limited 15 inch depth of the microwave over the range, while ranges and cook tops are a minimum of  26 inches deep.  The range extends past the microwave’s exhaust system by an average of 9" to 12”, and the microwave's limited exhaust power cannot draw the fumes from the front burners into its exhaust system!

The smoke, grease, and steam that escape into the air continues upwards coating the front of your microwave, upper cabinets, and ceiling with a coating of grease residue. The fumes from cooking oils are proven to be hazardous to your health, the smoke and grease is absorbed by your furniture. In most cases the ceiling above the cook top in front of the microwave is also stained requiring the occasional re-painting to hide unsightly stains, and costs to complete.

When the MICROVISOR® removable kitchen range hood is installed, it compliments the appearance of the microwave over the range, as well as captures the escaping fumes and grease. MICROVISOR® perfects the exhaust function of the microwave over the range.

In all cases the MICROVISOR® kitchen range hood substantially improves the exhaust function of the “microwave over the range” by capturing cooking fumes through the use of the extended mini hood system.

Without MicrovisorMICROVISOR® removable mini hood is uniquely designed to capture:

  • Captures fumes, smoke, grease, moisture and odors
  • Prevents grease residue buildup on cabinets, microwave face, and ceilings
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cooking and fumes may contain carcinogens
  • Easily installed by one person
  • Airborne grease, smoke, and fumes are not good for your health or your home
  • Completes the intended exhaust operation of the "Microwave over the range"
  • No other product has been designed to solve this problem
  • Made of high quality 20-gauge stainless steel

The MICROVISOR® removable mini hood not only captures harmful fumes and odors, but it can also save your microwave over the range from damages caused by frying pan fires and excessive heat. The images below represent what can happen to a microwave over the range while cooking, without the protection of a MICROVISOR®.

Microwave Heat damage
Microwave Heat damage
Microwave Heat damage
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