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MICROVISOR® manufactures a line of extension hood products for microwave over the range, Removable and Retractable.  The Microvisor product line improves the exhaust function of the microwave allowing the microwaves exhaust to perform at maximum potential.  The MICROVISOR captures steam, grease, smoke and fumes produced while cooking, and redirects them back to the microwave exhaust system.  MICROVISOR installs in minutes, is quickly removable or retractable when needed, depending on model type and provides an immediate improvement in venting performance. Capture more with MICROVISOR....

Up to 70% of cooking fumes escape while cooking on the front cooking area of a range or cooktop when using a “microwave over the range” exhaust system. This is caused by the limited 15-inch depth of the microwave over the range where ranges and cooktops are a minimum of 26 inches deep.

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  • Compatible with 99% of the over the range microwave market, Manufacture list featured below.
  • GE / LG / Samsung / Whirlpool / Electrolux / Bosch / Kenmore / Viking
  • Frigidaire / Kitchenaid /  Maytag / Jen-Air120s / Cosmo / Thermadore
  • Impecca / Forte / Galanz / Summit / Bertazzoni / Midea / Haier
  • Amana / Roper / Faberware / Goplus / Highpoint/ Vissani /Beko / IKEA & many other units.
  • Easily installed in minutes
  • Removable or Retractable Options available
  • Redirects fumes, smoke, grease, moisture, and odors
  • Reduces the onset of fire alarms from cooking
  • Prevents grease/steam and residue buildup on cabinets, microwave oven, and ceiling
  • Easy to use and clean and store
  • Airborne grease, smoke, and fumes are not good for your health or your home
  • Completes the intended exhaust operation of the “microwave over the range”
  • Health Implications of cooking byproducts

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Adapter Kit FAQ

Adapter kits are only needed for two units sold in the market today.  If you do not have either of the two units listed below, you do not need a Adapter Kit.

*GE Spacemaker Adapter - only needed for GE microwaves with "curved bottom door" .  If your GE model does not have a curved door , you do not need this kit. - Click picture
Curved Door Microwave

*Samsung Center Filter Adapter - only needed for Samsung microwave with “center-slide forward grease filter”. If your Samsung does not have a center slide in/out grease filter, you do not need this adapter kit.  Samsung units with two grease filters, 1 on left and one on right do not require this adapter kit. - Click picture
Samsung model

If you do not have either of the 2 microwaves mentioned above, then you do not need an adapter spacer kit.

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MICROVISOR® manufactures a line of hood extensions designed to attach to a microwave over the range(OTR), and improve the exhaust functionality of the microwave.  It was designed to complete the intended exhaust operation of the microwave over the range.

The intended use of the microwave over the range was to utilize cabinet space by incorporating an exhaust system/secondary heating source, and installing it in place of a more expensive exhaust hood.  Microwaves over the range are approximately 15 inches deep, and all cook-tops/ranges are normally 26 inches deep.   It is virtually impossible for an OTR microwave to exhaust the fumes from cooking on the front burners, due to it's design, and lack of CFM of airflow needed.

The MICROVISOR® projects forward of the microwave oven in order to capture the smoke, grease and odors. The Microvisor design that attaches to the microwave chassis in minutes. The MICROVISOR® is simply inserted into the bracket and removed by pulling it out when needed/or retracts based on model type.  The MICROVISOR®  line of microwave hood extensions fit 99% of the microwave over the range market, including model dating back 20 years.

Microvisor,  has proven to capture up to 90% of the cooking fumes and odors produced while cooking on the front burners of a cook-top or stove.  It prevents the smoke, grease and odors from spreading into your home, and reduces onset smoke alarms.  Improve your microwave exhaust system by "capturing" more with MICROVISOR's line of products.  Our MICROVISOR® products require no electric, and can be installed without a handy man.

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