Microvisor® HoodThe only available minihood on the market for a “microwave-over-the-range”
US 8,066,000 B2
Microvisor Hood
Micrvisor Hood
Microvisor® Hood
Microvisor® Hood

Microvisor® is a Mini Hood Extension for your “Microwave Over The Range”

Cooking vent hoods are vital for capturing and exhausting the cooking odors, smoke, and grease from cooking. The Microvisor® is a mini hood that attaches to the underside of a “microwave over the range” and extends forward over the cook top for the purpose of capturing the smoke, grease, and moisture that are not captured by the exhaust system under the microwave oven. Fumes and odors that are produced from cooking that are not exhausted properly are damaging to the air quality in your home. Once installed, the Microvisor® compliments the appearance of the microwave and perfects the exhaust function of the microwave over the range.

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