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Pam Nix
Pam Nix
14:25 23 May 22
I can see where the MIcrovisor hood would be helpful, however, it blocks easy access to back burners. I would have to reach around or over steaming pots. I called to return it and George was extremely rude to me. First, the phone was clearly a home phone or cell - the lady answered with hello and said George was not home. He did return my call and told me hood must be still in wrapping (no problem) and original packaging without any imperfections. My cat got a hold of the styrofoam padding so I guess I am stuck with an almost $200 hood that I cannot use.
Ron Griffin
Ron Griffin
20:05 03 Mar 22
I bought the Microvisor Hood for my Samsung microwave. I chose the less expensive refurbished offer for $85. I later tried to return it because it would not allow my microwave door to open when it was installed. I discovered that there is no refunds on the refurbished item.BUYER BEWARE. This reminds me of a SCAM deal and I wander if a lot more people were taken in by this company.
Henry M
Henry M
17:36 30 Jan 22
I was looking for a solution to improve the function of our externally vented microwave. Although my unit didn’t have screws on the bottom, the company provided a detailed description on how the Microvisor Hood had been installed on similar units. It works unbelievably well! Instead of suboptimal venting on the high setting, we get great extraction for most things on low. No more water dripping down the front of the microwave when boiling lobster. Aesthetically very pleasing as well. Great value.
Tony Me
Tony Me
20:28 02 Dec 21
This is a Canadian review for my microwave hood extension made by Microvisor in the USA. I love this product, is exactly what I needed to prevent the steam from damaging my new kitchen cabinets and the new microwave.I commend George at Microvisor for the excellent job he did by quickly shipping the item to me. It only took minutes to install just like showed on the video. I purchased the stainless steel version to go with my Samsung microwave, it fits perfectly and looks amazing. Thank you George.I would like to point out that I read a few postings that people had trouble exhausting the fumes out, this is not the Microvisor hood problem as is designed to accumulate the fumes and then exhausted by the fan in the Microwave. My Samsung microwave has 4 fan settings and I only need to put it on the 2nd speed to do the job. So for all you customers that are having problems is because your microwave has a poor exhaust fan.Once again, thank you for this excellent product, and I recommend it.Tony
David York
David York
18:18 23 Apr 21
This product was so much more than expected. I would recommend this product to anyone.. The hood fit perfectly, three screws all done. I did use a little larger screw than I took out and the ones that came with the product. Not necessary that’s just me. Came a lot quicker than I thought. BRILLIANT!!!
Tony G
Tony G
00:51 01 Apr 21
Loving the microvisor and we just got it today. Great instructions and it truly took minutes to install. Most important, it’s catching and directing the smoke from pans on the front burner to the exhaust! Thanks so much for making this available. Only sorry I didn’t find it years ago!
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Without it, the smoke would escape into our adjoining room.

Bill and Chris Lambrakis Boca Raton, FLA.

This is a very good product and beautifully designed.

C. Rodrick Illinois

This should come standard with every Microwave Over the Range.

V. Christopher New York

My contractor said he is going to recommend this to his customers

D. Mazza New YorK

MICROVISOR® is worth every penny spent.

Frank and Donna Strahan Fair Haven, NJ

My apartment doesn't hold the odor of last night's dinner anymore.

Jamie Stamos Asbury Park, NJ

Installed it in less than 5 minutes

A satisfied customer, Eric D. Toronto, Canada


Peter and Olga Gevas West Palm Beach, FLA.
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