Microvisor Visor Hood Installation Videos

If you’ve already purchased a MICROVISOR® and you’re ready to put it to use, our Microvisor visor hood installation videos will have you all set in no time.

The MICROVISOR® mini hood is 29 7/8″ wide, 1″ high at the front and 1 1/2″ high at the back. It is 8 1/2″ deep (front to back) and when inserted into the bracket it projects forward of the microwave oven by 6 1/2″ to capture smoke, grease, and odors. The bracket is a 2″ deep (front to back) patented ″C″ clip design that attaches in less than two minutes. The MICROVISOR® mini hood is simply inserted into the bracket and removed by simply pulling it out.

Our Microvisor visor hood installation videos are short and sweet to help you protect your kitchen from unwanted fumes as easily as possible. They demonstrate how MICROVISOR® products can be effortlessly installed by one person with just one Phillips screwdriver in less than three minutes.

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If you want a digital copy of the manual, click here.

MICROVISOR® Mini Hood Installation Video

This video demonstrates how to install your MICROVISOR® hood within two to three minutes. The only equipment you need aside from what comes with your purchase is a hand-operated or powered Phillips head screwdriver.

MICROVISOR® Mini Hood Installation Video - For when the optional spacers are required

This video details how to install our spacing kit for your MICROVISOR® vent extension. In a similar fashion to installing without the spacer kit, all you need is a screwdriver aside from what comes with your purchase. Please note that not all microwaves require a spacer kit. Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here and find out if your microwave type requires a spacer kit.

MICROVISOR® Mini Hood Product Overview Video - What's in the box.

This video details the items included in each MICROVISOR® purchase. You will receive one MICROVISOR® hood, one mounting bracket, one installation instructions, and one spacer kit.

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