Microvisor® HoodThe only available minihood on the market for a “microwave-over-the-range”
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Microvisor® FAQ

Q- My dog ate my user manual, how do I get a new one?
A- Download a user manual here: Click Here

Q- Do I need power to operate my Microvisor® minihood?
A- No power source is needed for the Microvisor® to work. It captures and directs the grease and odors to the exhaust from your current microwave over the range.

Q- Do I need a handyman or skilled husband to install the Microvisor® minihood?
A- The Microvisor® minihood installation was designed to be installed easily by one person with just a screw driver in less than three minutes..

Q- what are the dimensions of the Microvisor® minihood and will it fit my microwave over the range?
A- The Microvisor® mini hood is 29 7/8" wide, 1" high at the front and 1-1/2" high at the back of the minihood. It is 8 1/2" deep (front to back) and when inserted into its bracket, and projects forward of the microwave 6 1/2"

Q- Can the Microvisor® minihood be purchased locally at a major retailer or hardware store?
A- Not currently, it can only be purchased thru www.microvisorhood.com.

Q- Can the Microvisor® minihood be used with microwaves that have doors with curved bottoms?
A- Yes, the Microvisor® minihood can be used with all models of microwaves over the range. Installing our 5/8" nylon spacers in conjunction with the mounting bracket solves that problem. They can be purchased from our website in the shopping cart.

Q- Is the Microvisor® minihood permanent once installed?
A- No, the Microvisor® minihood is removable for easy storage, and cleanup, or you can leave it installed and have it accent your microwave over the range like many of our customers do.

Q- Does Microviso®r Products, LLC make a retractable unit?
A- We have developed a retractable model which is also patented and we will add it to our product line in the future .

Q- Does the Microvisor® minihood only come in Stainless steel?
A- Of course not, we have 3 colors, Stainless/Black/White

Q- I'm not sure how to install it?
A- The installation is simple and only takes a few minutes if you follow the instructions in the package. We have YouTube installation videos on our website, and they are also posted on YouTube and Facebook as well.

Q- If I order two Microvisor® minihoods can I get a discount on shipping?
A- Unfortunately not, since our Microvisor® minihoods are pre-boxed individually with safety foam for shipping and can not be doubled up.