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Returns Policy

All MICROVISOR® sales are final.

Notification of a MICROVISOR® damaged during shipping must be made to us within 72 hours of delivery confirmation to the destination address, either by logging into you account and submitting a RMA Request, or via email to customersupport@microvisorhood.com. A replacement will be shipped only after our shipping agent has notified USPS of the damaged package, and a claim resolution has been issued to us by USPS. All MICROVISOR® hoods are insured with USPS for shipping.

Shipping of returned item is responsibility of the purchaser. All eligible returns will be credited within 5 business days for the sale, to the method of payment in which the transaction had been purchased.

Spacer kits are not eligible for return.

Less Than Perfect MICROVISOR® hoods are not eligible for return.

Shipping & Delivery Information

MICROVISOR®  Mini Hood Shipping and Delivery Info

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping via USPS Priority Mail to all Continental U.S.A destinations.  Free shipping in the continental U.S. only, excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada: A flat fee of US$55.00 per item will be charged - this will be added at checkout.

All other international destinations: Rates will be determined based on the destination address and will be calculated using US Postal Service rates. The purchaser is liable for all destination Customs charges, import duty, or other tariffs. Please contact for rates.

MICROVISOR® Purchase Agreement

The MICROVISOR® is a quality made metal mini hood. The design of the MICROVISOR® is such that it has metal edges and 90° front corners, and as with all sharp or pointy metal objects, it must be handled with care. The MICROVISOR® is made to be used correctly and carefully by an adult person when cleaning, inserting, or removing it from the attaching bracket to prevent injury. Care must be taken when running your fingers or hand along the metal edges to prevent the possibility of injury. The MICROVISOR® mini hood may in some instances when exposed to high BTU stove-top burners, become hot creating the need to use pot holders or insulated gloves for the removal of the MICROVISOR® from its bracket to prevent burns or injury to the hands. Improper handling may cause injury.

By clicking “I Agree to Terms” the purchaser agrees to hold MICROVISOR® Products, LLC. harmless and indemnifies MICROVISOR® Products, LLC. against any and all liability arising from any harm or injury that may occur as a result of improper handling of, and or coming into contact with the MICROVISOR® Mini Hood.

Product Disclaimer

The MICROVISOR® SB-30(S/W/B) may require the use of a 5/8” nylon spacer on microwaves over the range models that have doors with a convex bottom (curved). These doors project below the bottom of the microwave oven to which these doors are attached. To attach the MICROVISOR®bracket to these microwaves will require the use of a 5/8” nylon spacer. These can be purchased from the website under the product code: "5-8 Spacer Kit" or by clicking here.

For the Samsung model ME18H704 or any Samsung MOR that has a center slide in/out grease filter, please purchase the 1" spacer kit.  Click here for the Samsung 1" spacer kit.

Please contact us at customersupport@microvisorhood.com if you require additional information.

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