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2400 Belmar Boulevard #16A, Belmar

4.9 10 reviews

  • Avatar David York ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    This product was so much more than expected. I would recommend this product to anyone.. The hood fit perfectly, three screws all done. I did use a little larger screw than I took out and the ones that came with the product. Not necessary … More that’s just me. Came a lot quicker than I thought. BRILLIANT!!!
  • Avatar Tony G ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Loving the microvisor and we just got it today. Great instructions and it truly took minutes to install. Most important, it’s catching and directing the smoke from pans on the front burner to the exhaust! Thanks so much for making this … More available. Only sorry I didn’t find it years ago!
  • Avatar Pete Rynas ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    The unit performs as stated. Fast transaction and shipping. Easy to install. Definitely keeps moisture from entering the Microwave electronics directly above, and probably 75% or more of smoke and vapors are collected and vented out … More the rear vent in my case.
  • Avatar JG G ★★★★ 6 months ago
    This product is amazing! It was installed in less than 10 minutes and makes the kitchen look so proffesional. George is so nice and was excited that we were excited that is was on the way! Only thing I have an issue with is edges … More are a bit sharp! But over all an awesome product!
  • Avatar Kim Torres ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    When I remodeled my kitchen I installed a microwave/hood vent combo to get the microwave off my counter. I love the fact that it is now over my stove but even on high fan speed the steam and oils from cooking were going in front of it and … More oil and damaging steam were collecting on my brand new kitchen cabinets. I would have to clean those upper cabinets after using the stove top every time to wipe off oil that had collected on them from cooking. I found the microvisor hood in an attempt to find a solution before permanent damage occurred. It seemed to easy and simple to actually work but I needed something so I gave it a try. It has been the best $130 I have spent in a long time. I purchased the stainless steel to match my microwave and stovetop. It looks great and more importantly, it works great! I haven’t needed to clean oil residue nor wipe the face of the microwave and upper cabinets of water vapor since I have installed the microvisor hood. It is super easy to install. I removed the 4 front screw from the bottom of the microwave, then put the bracket in place and put the 4 screws it came with back in. Then the hood just slips into the bracket. It comes with a stabilizing screw if you choose to use it but the bracket is sturdy enough, you don’t need it if you don’t want to. The hood is easily slipped off if you prefer not to have it on all the time but I find that it looks nice in my kitchen so I just leave mine installed in the bracket and put the stabilizing screw in since I don’t take it down when I am not using it.

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Without it, the smoke would escape into our adjoining room.

Microvisor®, what can we say, amazing! I am surprised that a device this simple wasn't invented a long time ago to address the problem of fumes escaping into the house . You can actually see the proof in the pudding. Watch the cooking fumes go up, and then right back into the vent. Without it, the smoke would escape into our adjoining room.

Bill and Chris Lambrakis Boca Raton, FLA.

This is a very good product and beautifully designed.

I bought it about a month ago and I am very happy with it. I had a scratch on the first one I ordered, which was promptly and courteously replaced with a sincere apology. Installation is very easy. I think, you should market this through manufacturers or display it in stores like Best Buy. This is a winner and I give it 5 Stars! Good job guys!

C. Rodrick Illinois

This should come standard with every Microwave Over The Range.

"Just wanted to give my feedback on this product. I recently received and installed my MICROVISOR® and simply put, I cannot understand how this doesn't come standard with every Microwave Over The Range. Before MICROVISOR®, my MOTR was practically useless and now, I can finally cook and not have to worry about steam and smoke filling my apartment!"

V. Christopher New York

My contractor said he is going to recommend this to his customers

"When my wife complained about the steam coming up from the front burners onto our new Samsung Microwave, the representative from the store came and said, there is nothing you can do, but keep the top on pots. I found your product, my wife loves it and solves her problem. I called the company and told them about your simple to install product... thank you, it works, Since then I have been showing this item to all my friends and family, this includes the contractor doing my kitchen and everyone wants your website info. The contractor said he is going to recommend this to his customers and even one his workers wanted the website... just thought I would keep u updated on one very exciting and simple consumer product."

D. Mazza New YorK

MICROVISOR® is worth every penny spent.

I was skeptical at first, but after installing the MICROVISOR® on my microwave and starting to cook a holiday meal I was convinced. They say a picture is worth a thousands words. Watching the steam, and cooking fumes rise off the front burners and get drafted back by the MICROVISOR® is worth every penny spent. Great product!

Frank and Donna Strahan Fair Haven, NJ

My apartment doesn't hold the odor of last nights dinner anymore.

I have been using the MICROVISOR® for three months now, and I can honestly say that I will never cook without it again. Cooking is my passion, having an apartment that smells of last nights dinner is not. Since using the MICROVISOR® while cooking my apartment doesn't hold the odor of last nights dinner anymore.

Jamie Stamos Asbury Park, NJ

Installed it in less than 2 minutes

I just received your product in the mail today; installed it in less than 2 minutes, it looks prefect, matches my other stainless appliances, and functions perfectly as advertised. Well done on the design, accessibility and function of this product, I'm impressed! I just wanted to show my appreciation and satisfaction of my purchase, it really is a great product. It enhances the function of the range fan without compromising both functionality and looks of the kitchen area there. Well done all around, thanks!

A satisfied customer, Eric D. Toronto, Canada


I love my Microvisor®, ever since we started using it with our microwave over the range the grease build up on our cabinets has vanished! Anything that helps reduce my cleaning around the house is a plus in my book.

Peter and Olga Gevas West Palm Beach, FLA.
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